Custom-Built Bathrooms

No matter your bathroom vision, Only Bathrooms works with you to create the perfect space. We can craft custom cabinets and storage units to make the most of any space, have tiles available in all manner of colors, textures, shapes and patterns, furnishings and fixtures fit for any style—anything and everything needed to make your bathroom yours, we’ll find it or make it.

The one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for everything. At Only Bathrooms, we use a trained eye, excellent communication with our clients and expert know-how to create a custom bathroom you’ll love using.

We're Only Bathrooms

Flooring & Tiles

Our premium flooring and tile options will instantly transform your bathroom. Choose from an array of sizes, shapes, materials, colors and patterns.

We're Only Bathrooms

Fittings & Fixtures

We collaborate with distinguished bathroom companies to find the perfect fittings and fixtures that will capture your design tastes flawlessly—and last for ages.

We're Only Bathrooms

Cupboards & Storage

An oft over-looked yet essential part of an elegantly designed bathroom, we offer custom cabinets and storage units that stun—while keeping your counters clear.

We're Only Bathrooms

Electric & Plumbing

Our professional plumbers and electricians will install fixtures and fittings, drains, piping, water supply and everything needed for a perfectly running bathroom.

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